Step 11

Step 1

Click on SignUp and provide all the required data.
Step 22

Step 2

You get an email for verification of your account. Click on Activate..
Step 33

Step 3

Once activated, you get a link to your dashboard. Click on it to open your dashboard.
Step 44

Step 4

Click on New Listing and Provide all details of your business and Click Post Business. As soon as we verify your listing, it will be available to Search and Find!
1What is Saudi Bizness?

Saudi Bizness is a unique Business & Travel Directory for Saudi Arabia, the first of its kind. We tried to bring a whole new concept of business directory that unites all the people of the country and provide an unbeatable service to its users and businesses. In addition to it, Saudi Bizness makes it possible to find its users interesting locations/point of attraction near the users' current location. In this way, it turned out to be a fun to browse Saudi Bizness also provide offers from different hyper markets through 'Offers of the Week' section.

2Posting in Saudi Bizness is free?

Posting in Saudi Bizness is absolutely free.

3How can I add my local business?

You need to register in Saudi Bizness to add a business. You can click on 'Post Your Business' menu and signup to register. Once registered, provide all required information on your business and Submit. As soon as it is reviewed, your business will appear in the directory.

4What is a Premium Listing?

Premium Listing is a paid listing. Premium clients have a number of additional features to boost their business. Consider spending a small amount and we do the online marketing for you or your business.

Below are the list of features for a Premium Listing:

  • You will be able to add a logo or a business identity.
  • You are starred and will be listed in the home page carousel (scrolling business).
  • When a user search for a business, you will appear on top of the basic clients.
  • You have a photogallary and you are able to add upto 20 images to your business.
  • In a single account you can add upto 10 business listing.
  • You can add unlimited addresses (branches) in a single business listing.
  • You are able to add your social media pages to your listing.
5I don't have a business but am a Freelancer

If you have a talent and interested to sell it, you too can be a part of Saudi Bizness. We have a number of categories for Freelancers and one can make use of it. So, the Business Name will be Your Name and instead of Business Logo, you can place Your Photo.